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101 aww’s
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Make your own little Loom Band looms - DIY Instructions
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Autumn Leaf - Resin Pendant - Handmade
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I will randomly choose and message the winner.
You may reblog this post as many times as you like, although, be considerate to your followers, you don’t want to spam them too much.
Giveaway ends on Wednesday, October 1st at 10 PM (GMT+2:00)
Shipping is free and it’s my responsibility, but please make sure that your country doesn’t have special shipping policy on extra charging for delivery.
You can follow me if you like my work and wish to see what I’m going to prepare for you in the future, but it’s not necessary to enter this contest and is entirely your choice. In case you decide to follow, big big thank you! :)
Please visit my Etsy shop here.
In case you win:
I will message you and you will have 48 h to answer me.If I don’t get a reply, I will choose another winner.
I will publish your blog url, but I will not share any of your personal information, such as your name and home address.
Feel free to ask me anything.
Good luck everyone and have a wonderful day/evening!
Metanoia Charm
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Idea for the next ac game:



no balloon furniture

i spent like 5 minutes trying to figure out what assassins creed game had balloon furniture in it

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Rick is completely integrated now. He still has that humanity that Hershel sort of helps him recapture, but he can very much bite a guy’s throat out. And he’ll need that. Something that’s interesting about this season, and the story, and the world going forward, is that anybody who’s around has to have a certain amount of power, and they have to be some kind of formidable. And I think Rick is sort of at the height of that. But what makes him that much more formidable is — I mean, there is a line from the trailer, which is “These people are my family, and if you hurt them in any way, I will kill you.” That’s kind of the mission statement there. He’s not yelling it. He says it very coolly, very certainly, and that’s who he is now. He doesn’t blink to protect people who he loves. He does not blink and he can get pretty scary pretty quick.
—Scott Gimple, What about Rick? Talk about the man he’s become now. (via the-walking-dead-amc)